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Category: Tongue-In-Cheek Humor

Wascally Wabbit

Thankfully, I’m not a hunter. However, I understand there are those who really enjoy this activity. God knows why, so here’s my take on what they actually call a sport. First, a little step back into history. In the olden days, men were hunters and women were gatherers. This segregation of duties was instituted for… Continue Reading

Oh Sure

Anyone wonder why our astronauts have not visited the moon since 1970-something? (OK, so I’m not sure of the exact date, but it was many moons ago.)  Instead, we have redirected our exploration efforts toward building and manning (and womanning) an international space station. And I know why. In the largest fraud ever perpetrated on… Continue Reading

Our Constitutional Right

Ah, the right to vote. People have literally sacrificed their lives to protect this critical foundation of democracy. I, being a true American who wants to exercise my constitutional right, carefully examine all of the candidates running for office. I read their literature and research their positions before I decide whom to support. So, imagine… Continue Reading

The Man of Steel

Has anybody noticed that a certain someone has been sorely missed of late? When was the last time you heard the phrase, “Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings at a single bound”? What you do hear is, “Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s… Continue Reading

Food For Thought

There’s an old adage, “you are what you eat.” And in fact, truer words have never been spoken. Think about it: there is nothing else that dramatically influences your health, well-being and overall makeup than the food you ingest. It not only fuels us, but it keeps us alive and makes us what we are,… Continue Reading

Oui Oui

(Oui Oui, as in French; not Wee-Wee, as in Pee-pee).   France. What a rather ungrateful country, if you ask me. Thousands of brave U.S. soldiers gave their lives to help kick out foreign invaders, who inflicted the worst kinds of tyranny on their citizens. Not only did we help them restore their freedoms, but… Continue Reading

English Language

I’ve just discovered the actual minutes from the meeting where the written version of the English language was invented. It’s an amazing read. Written in Olde English, it’s a bit hard to follow, but I’m able to report on some of the highlights.   The group apparently didn’t have any last names. They included Lloyd,… Continue Reading

Innovative Warfare Technology

Are you like me and tired of the same old ways that wars are fought? I sure am. Shoot here, bomb there, blow away the other side’s blower-uppers. The basic tactics don’t seem to change, only the increased devastation caused by the newest weapons employed. So here’s what should be done: we need to boldly… Continue Reading

Natural Gas

Always looking to pave the way, inundating the world with fresh new ideas, I have the answer to our international energy problem. It’s simple really: harness the immense power of the human fart. Before you become so dismissive, think about it. There has to be a way to do something productive with all of that… Continue Reading


Scientists have found evidence that there was water on Mars at some point. You know what that means? It means that the Martians ran out of water and came to colonize the earth. Yes, they came here not only to survive but to thrive. My guess is that they arrived to find a planet full… Continue Reading