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Category: Advice

Short and Sweet 

Why, oh why, do some people insist on wasting our time by going on and on when they deliver a message? You know who they are. What can be said in a sentence is often spoken or written in endless paragraphs? Whyyyyyy?  Do they simply like to hear themselves talk? Yes. Do they think we’re… Continue Reading

Let’s Play Pretend

The art of acting is really the ability to pretend in a very convincing way. The good actors assume the personality and features of the characters they portray, which the audience finds very believable. I get that. But this leads me to a critical observation about an activity prevalent in our society. It’s called playing… Continue Reading


We live in a world filled with lots and lots of noise. It seems like everywhere we go, we are subjected to all kinds of unwanted and distracting sounds. Especially loud ones. We have to live with ear-splitting music (and I use that term loosely) from the car behind us, not to mention the bone-rattling… Continue Reading


You hear some people say there are no guarantees in life. I’m not one of those people, as there are clearly lots and lots of guarantees. Of course, we have the easy ones. I can guarantee that you WILL pay taxes, as you can only avoid them for so long. It is also positively guaranteed… Continue Reading

Dream On

We all have bosses who drive us crazy. They insist on setting unrealistic deadlines and heap ridiculous demands upon us. Things like expecting us to come to work on time, to only take an hour for lunch and limiting our surfing time on the Net. The nerve of them. What’s the alternative? Well, many people… Continue Reading

Idle Time

Is idle time the devil’s playground? Well, for the devil, it probably is. He (or she) doesn’t have to punch a time clock, and therefore has all the time in the world to create lots of havoc.  That devilish one surely has nothing better to do. But what effect does idle time have on everyone… Continue Reading


What does it mean when someone begins their comments or responses with “to tell you the truth” or “to be honest with you”? I guess it means that they otherwise mostly lie. Which is a very sad commentary on our society today, as those phrases have become way too familiar and accepted. For some, telling… Continue Reading