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Category: Observations

No Sweat

What comes to mind when we think of the Olympics? As the world’s most elite athletes converge every four years for international competition, we watch them seemingly push their bodies beyond human limits. Their years of dedicated, grueling training are put on display, as they realize their lifelong dreams of competing on the world stage.… Continue Reading


Hello…hello…hello? Can you hear me?  Well, maybe I’m just an echo, talking to myself and being ignored. Or has your make-believe personal assistant blocked my incessant greetings? What’s happened to us? Sadly, my friends, human beings have now sunk to the lowest low of laziness since, well, the beginning of human beings. Yes, we have… Continue Reading

Take Me Out To The Ballgame 

I really enjoy baseball―it’s been “berry, berry good to me” (credit the infamous SNL’s Garrett Morris routine). Some non-followers (in my very own family, no less) compare viewing a game on TV to watching paint dry. Oh, how unobservant they are. Seeing the athleticism, strategy and excitement of a close game is lots of fun,… Continue Reading

Statistics 101

You can do anything with numbers. You can add, subtract, multiply, divide. But almost as importantly, you can use numerical information to justify virtually anything. Or you can use stupid (and mostly made-up) statistics to come to the most illogical and absurd conclusions. For instance, if 5 percent of U.S. car owners drive hybrid autos,… Continue Reading

Political Mascots

If you were in charge of picking the symbol for your political party, what would you choose? Would it be something dynamic, innovative and distinct? Or would it be something stupid, like the ones the Democrats and Republicans selected long ago? As we all know, the mascot of the Democratic Party is a donkey. I’m… Continue Reading

Crystal Ball

Do you believe in ESP? Color me “unsure,” as I wouldn’t be too dismissive about the possibility of some people having the ability to predict the future. Who knows?  I absolutely do believe in ESPN, though. There have been countless instances of very bizarre situations when those seeming to possess that special sense were not… Continue Reading

I Believe

Yes, I’m a Jewish boy, raised in a Jewish household, and have lots of Jewish values instilled in me. Of course, Jewish guilt is a big one, but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, I’m very proud of my heritage, and for lots of reasons (not the least of which is because so many died… Continue Reading

Give Me A Head With Hair….

Any idea why so many of us are quite obsessed with our hair? It’s too long, it’s too short; it’s too curly, it’s too straight; it’s too thick, it’s too thin; it’s too gray, it’s not gray enough (well, no one really complains about that). See what I mean? For women, it’s usually the style… Continue Reading

Hey! Get Outta My Way!

In ancient times, children used to walk to school and would play outside whenever possible. They would ride their bikes to deliver newspapers, earning their spending money. Farmers used to walk behind their mules while they plowed their fields. Letter carriers walked their route to deliver the mail, and police would walk their beat, twirling… Continue Reading

What Did You Say?

Most people have plenty to say, and therefore talk a lot. And there are those who talk, and talk, and talk some more (but that’s a whole other issue). However, it’s one’s nonverbal communication that often speaks volumes. Things like facial expressions and body language often reveal much in a conversation. For example, you may… Continue Reading