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Sure Dad Says

Doodiehead Disease

OK, so we’re all cooped up, practicing safe socialization skills and dealing with insufferable cabin fever. We grownups understand the situation, but the little ones are very confused. Thanks to your friends at Sure Dad, a learning tool has been developed for the youngsters who are endlessly home from school. To keep their minds sharp… Continue Reading

No Sweat

What comes to mind when we think of the Olympics? As the world’s most elite athletes converge every four years for international competition, we watch them seemingly push their bodies beyond human limits. Their years of dedicated, grueling training are put on display, as they realize their lifelong dreams of competing on the world stage.… Continue Reading


Hello…hello…hello? Can you hear me?  Well, maybe I’m just an echo, talking to myself and being ignored. Or has your make-believe personal assistant blocked my incessant greetings? What’s happened to us? Sadly, my friends, human beings have now sunk to the lowest low of laziness since, well, the beginning of human beings. Yes, we have… Continue Reading

History Lesson No. 3: Seward’s Folly

William H. Seward served as our Secretary of State in the 1860s and is widely remembered for getting the U.S. to buy Alaska from Russia. (Who knew countries bought states from each other?) It took forever to get the treaty through Congress, but the agreement was finally signed on March 30, 1867. We bought that… Continue Reading

Merry Christmas

  The following is an excerpt from the forthcoming book, Sure Dad, That’s How It Happened.   One year, my friend Lee invited me to join his family for Christmas. Being a good Jewish boy, this was a holiday I had never celebrated, but was not unfamiliar with its various customs and such. We drove… Continue Reading

Blame It on the Genes

Unfortunately, children aren’t born with instruction manuals. Parents can read plenty of books that offer helpful hints about how to properly rear their offspring. However, equally unfortunately, our only real exposure to parenting is the memory we have from our very own moms and dads raising us. OY!  We can all complain about what improper… Continue Reading

Take a Letter 

Secretaries, in the traditional business environment, no longer exist. That term is so last century, as they are now called administrative assistants or administrative aides. That’s appropriate, as the outdated secretary title evokes images of ladies playing a very subservient role, getting coffee for the boss and sitting on his lap taking shorthand. Thankfully, today… Continue Reading

Military Madness 

Our Armed Forces, both veterans and those currently serving, deserve our utmost gratitude and respect. Without them, we literally wouldn’t be here, enjoying the freedoms they continue to protect. And it is only through their sheer determination, perseverance and dedication that many climb the ladder to achieve the high ranks of leadership during their careers.… Continue Reading

Short and Sweet 

Why, oh why, do some people insist on wasting our time by going on and on when they deliver a message? You know who they are. What can be said in a sentence is often spoken or written in endless paragraphs? Whyyyyyy?  Do they simply like to hear themselves talk? Yes. Do they think we’re… Continue Reading

Take Me Out To The Ballgame 

I really enjoy baseball―it’s been “berry, berry good to me” (credit the infamous SNL’s Garrett Morris routine). Some non-followers (in my very own family, no less) compare viewing a game on TV to watching paint dry. Oh, how unobservant they are. Seeing the athleticism, strategy and excitement of a close game is lots of fun,… Continue Reading