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Sure Dad Says


What does it mean when someone begins their comments or responses with “to tell you the truth” or “to be honest with you”? I guess it means that they otherwise mostly lie. Which is a very sad commentary on our society today, as those phrases have become way too familiar and accepted. For some, telling… Continue Reading

Natural Gas

Always looking to pave the way, inundating the world with fresh new ideas, I have the answer to our international energy problem. It’s simple really: harness the immense power of the human fart. Before you become so dismissive, think about it. There has to be a way to do something productive with all of that… Continue Reading

Lost and Found

OK, I found it, so who lost it? I’ve been searching and searching for its rightful owner, but to no avail. Putting up posters on telephone poles and handing out flyers has not worked either. I have therefore resorted to the mighty internet. Everyone is connected to the internet, and I’m hoping the rightful owner… Continue Reading


Scientists have found evidence that there was water on Mars at some point. You know what that means? It means that the Martians ran out of water and came to colonize the earth. Yes, they came here not only to survive but to thrive. My guess is that they arrived to find a planet full… Continue Reading

Those Dreaded New Year’s Resolutions

OK, so this is the time when we look back on the prior twelve months and evaluate our shortcomings. We vow to do better in the New Year, when we will have a fresh start. Like many others, I have a long list of ways to improve myself, which I’ll gladly share with you. First, I… Continue Reading

So Who Are You Blogees (Readers of Blogs)?

Call me stupid and out of touch, but who are the people who read all of these blogs?  Are they glued to their computers and iPads all day, with nothing better to do than view others’ opinions, musings and tirades? Don’t they have a life? Can’t they come to their own conclusions about things without… Continue Reading