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Tag: Animals

Wascally Wabbit

Thankfully, I’m not a hunter. However, I understand there are those who really enjoy this activity. God knows why, so here’s my take on what they actually call a sport. First, a little step back into history. In the olden days, men were hunters and women were gatherers. This segregation of duties was instituted for… Continue Reading

Political Mascots

If you were in charge of picking the symbol for your political party, what would you choose? Would it be something dynamic, innovative and distinct? Or would it be something stupid, like the ones the Democrats and Republicans selected long ago? As we all know, the mascot of the Democratic Party is a donkey. I’m… Continue Reading

Horsing Around

I’m not really a horse person, and I hope I don’t offend too many equestrians here, but let me just ask these questions. What century are we in? Do people really need to be carted around by horses anymore? You don’t see farmers having mules drag plows in the fields, right? Well, at least not… Continue Reading