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Who is Sure Dad?

Beneath his seemingly boring CPA exterior beats the heart of a passionate lunatic dad, dying to share his insights and incessant ramblings with his children–and the rest of the world.

His unsolicited advice often gets him into trouble. Never aspiring to be a writer, Larry developed this endless writing disease because he always had a lot to say.

The rest is history.

Meet the Author

I am the proud dad of one and a half wonderful children (the other half depends on the day), who are the apple of my eye (whatever that means).

They really are a great source of my pride.

Which brings me to this book idea.

Sure Dad?

Sure Dad Says

No Sweat

What comes to mind when we think of the Olympics? As the world’s most elite athletes converge every two years for international competition, we watch them seemingly push their bodies beyond their human limits. Their years of dedicated grueling training are put on display, as they realize their lifelong dreams competing on the world stage.… Continue Reading


Hello…hello…hello? Can you hear me?  Well, maybe I’m just an echo, talking to myself, and being ignored. Or has your make-believe personal assistant blocked my incessant greetings? What’s happened to us? Sadly, my friends, human beings have now sunk to the lowest low of laziness, since, well, the beginning of human beings. Yes, we have… Continue Reading

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