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“Hilarious, witty, brilliant, spectacular, charming, uproariously funny, side-splitting, self-deprecating, masterful, perceptive, insightful, genius….”
     —Lawrence N. Rosenblum, Delusional AuthorSureDad Baby Picture 2


“If your cup of tea (see Alcohol) is charm, humor, insight or a dad’s perspective on the world and his children, then Sure Dad, You Know Everything is a must-read. Although I have not read it—and don’t even know who this guy is—I hear it’s a great book, written from the heart.”
     —Tom Ridge, Former Secretary of Homeland Security and Governor of Pennsylvania


SureDad Baby Picture 1

“WARNING: Don’t read this book. It could be dangerous to your physical and mental health. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
     —Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen


“Larry Rosenblum is one of the funniest friends I have known over the years—or so he tells me. A warped man’s observations about everyday life are very funny when you see the humor that everyone else misses. That is Larry’s skill.”
     —Lanny J. Davis, Former Special White House Counsel


“If I could select a book to have while marooned on a deserted island, this certainly would not be it. I would pick a book called How to Build a Boat to Get Off a Deserted Island. This book is pretty funny though, so I would probably reconsider it for the island if it came with an inflatable raft.”
     —Meyer Glantz, Ph.D.

SureDad Baby Picture 3


“Forget about waterboarding terrorists at Guantanamo. Make them read this book; they’ll crack.”
     —Gary S. Natovitz, Former Class President of Fair Lawn High School


“No son of mine would spend 15 years writing this nonsense (see Switched At Birth).”
     —Paula L. Rosenblum