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Category: Names

Private Parts

Who do you think came up with the names for our body parts? It’s a real mystery, as no one really knows. And why in the world would those references be so funny sounding? The mere mention of our privates causes many to giggle. Don’t we name most things as they relate to their function?… Continue Reading

Pet Names

At what point in a romantic relationship do people simply lose their names? Is it at the onset of exclusive dating? Does this occur at the six-month anniversary of being together? Does it happen on the subsequent morning of the first pajama party? Once you move in? When you become engaged? Or does it occur… Continue Reading

History Lesson No. 1: Geography

Have you ever wondered how various countries and states got their names? Me too. In fact, it has been a lifelong quest for me to find out. Good news! As a result of my extensive research, I can now share my findings with you. Let’s start with the country they now call Crimea. Obviously, there… Continue Reading