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Tag: Politics

Political Mascots

If you were in charge of picking the symbol for your political party, what would you choose? Would it be something dynamic, innovative and distinct? Or would it be something stupid, like the ones the Democrats and Republicans selected long ago? As we all know, the mascot of the Democratic Party is a donkey. I’m… Continue Reading

Our Constitutional Right

Ah, the right to vote. People have literally sacrificed their lives to protect this critical foundation of democracy. I, being a true American who wants to exercise my constitutional right, carefully examine all of the candidates running for office. I read their literature and research their positions before I decide whom to support. So, imagine… Continue Reading

Idle Time

Is idle time the devil’s playground? Well, for the devil, it probably is. He (or she) doesn’t have to punch a time clock, and therefore has all the time in the world to create lots of havoc.  That devilish one surely has nothing better to do. But what effect does idle time have on everyone… Continue Reading