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Tag: Children

Doodiehead Disease

OK, so we’re all cooped up, practicing safe socialization skills and dealing with insufferable cabin fever. We grownups understand the situation, but the little ones are very confused. Thanks to your friends at Sure Dad, a learning tool has been developed for the youngsters who are endlessly home from school. To keep their minds sharp… Continue Reading

Blame It on the Genes

Unfortunately, children aren’t born with instruction manuals. Parents can read plenty of books that offer helpful hints about how to properly rear their offspring. However, equally unfortunately, our only real exposure to parenting is the memory we have from our very own moms and dads raising us. OY!  We can all complain about what improper… Continue Reading

The Fruits of Our Labors

As I’ve mentioned before, the naming of the final holiday of summer really baffles me: Labor Day. Simply put, I have no idea why we pick that time of year to celebrate the birth process. Can’t we find something more appropriate to commemorate? Ask any mother, and I’m sure she doesn’t have fond memories of… Continue Reading


You hear some people say there are no guarantees in life. I’m not one of those people, as there are clearly lots and lots of guarantees. Of course, we have the easy ones. I can guarantee that you WILL pay taxes, as you can only avoid them for so long. It is also positively guaranteed… Continue Reading


I’ve never been a big fan of spanking. My children however, may have a different perspective on that. They have such vivid imaginations, you know. Yes, an occasional paatch on the tuchas (Google it) was not what I would call spanking. That was simply done to either get their attention or better bring my point… Continue Reading