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The Fruits of Our Labors

As I’ve mentioned before, the naming of the final holiday of summer really baffles me: Labor Day. Simply put, I have no idea why we pick that time of year to celebrate the birth process. Can’t we find something more appropriate to commemorate?

The Fruits of Our Labors baby in carriageAsk any mother, and I’m sure she doesn’t have fond memories of going through labor. God knows, many a father has suffered through that process as well. Women may question that statement, since they do all of the work, but that special time is not easy on men either, what with all of the screaming and yelling. And somehow, the mom is not really enjoying this special prelude to new baby time, since she can’t yet focus on that little bundle of joy which is forthcoming. No, she takes one look at the dad, and he then shoulders all of the blame for the pain she is enduring. Doctors report that it’s usually during the final stretch, which can last for several hours, that they hear words and phrases they’ve never heard before, especially from prim and proper women. Ladies typically aren’t so prim and proper during that prelude to new baby time. Maybe a more accurate celebration of labor would be called Yelling Day.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of babies. However, I don’t believe many mommies have fond memories of going through labor. And why dredge that up every year, as they give daddies the evil eye every time they think of that nasty process? Why should we endure that either? So for the life of me, I don’t know what we’re celebrating. And to focus on highlighting the labor process at the end of each summer has got to result in scaring the hell out of expectant mothers as well. Maybe it’s best to keep them in the dark, so to speak, and let them just be surprised.

Perhaps a more apt name for this holiday would be Delivery Day. By the time the baby is delivered, most of the screaming is over. However, that’s usually the time the baby starts screaming, which lasts a lifetime. OK, so that’s probably not such a good idea, as the whole delivery process is rather messy anyway.

Another suggestion is to name it Back to School Day. Well, possibly not, as it would likely traumatize all to the children in America who are dreading going back to school. It would, however, be an appropriate holiday for the parents, as the little darlings will finally get out of their hair, where they’ve been all summer.

If you think about it, the whole birth process is actually celebrated every day. We call that a birthday, and my guess is that someone, somewhere is having one every day. Right?

So for me, I think it’s best to rename Labor Day as End of Summer Day. However, that could be rather bittersweet too. We all hate to see the summer end.

I know—I’m wishing everyone a Can’t Wait Till Next Summer Day. It’s a little wordy, but it sure beats the hell out of Labor Day.

Have a great one!

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