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Tag: Exercise

Hey! Get Outta My Way!

In ancient times, children used to walk to school and would play outside whenever possible. They would ride their bikes to deliver newspapers, earning their spending money. Farmers used to walk behind their mules while they plowed their fields. Letter carriers walked their route to deliver the mail, and police would walk their beat, twirling… Continue Reading

Horsing Around

I’m not really a horse person, and I hope I don’t offend too many equestrians here, but let me just ask these questions. What century are we in? Do people really need to be carted around by horses anymore? You don’t see farmers having mules drag plows in the fields, right? Well, at least not… Continue Reading

Idle Time

Is idle time the devil’s playground? Well, for the devil, it probably is. He (or she) doesn’t have to punch a time clock, and therefore has all the time in the world to create lots of havoc.  That devilish one surely has nothing better to do. But what effect does idle time have on everyone… Continue Reading

Those Dreaded New Year’s Resolutions

OK, so this is the time when we look back on the prior twelve months and evaluate our shortcomings. We vow to do better in the New Year, when we will have a fresh start. Like many others, I have a long list of ways to improve myself, which I’ll gladly share with you. First, I… Continue Reading