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Tag: Health


Don’t get me wrong. I love doctors, and we’d be completely lost without them. But do you think somewhere in the back of their minds, they really try to perpetuate their own existence? If everyone were healthy, there would be nothing for them to do, right? For instance, why do you think they have those… Continue Reading


There you were, an innocent seven-year-old, and you accidentally walked in on your mom (or dad) getting dressed. Don’t they know how to lock their door? You saw all kinds of things you didn’t want to see, and you’re traumatized for life. Try as you might, there is no way to ever erase that image. Ever. Therapy… Continue Reading

Lost and Found

OK, I found it, so who lost it? I’ve been searching and searching for its rightful owner, but to no avail. Putting up posters on telephone poles and handing out flyers has not worked either. I have therefore resorted to the mighty internet. Everyone is connected to the internet, and I’m hoping the rightful owner… Continue Reading