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Sure Dad’s writings have been rejected by some of our nation’s finest publications.

Rejected by Reader’s Digest

OY! Several years ago, my doctor informed me that I had a couple of nasal polyps that had to be removed. Up until then, I proudly had all of my original parts. So being been knocked out, much less having any kind of surgery, was charting new territory for me. And since I’m a major… Continue Reading

Rejected by the Washington Post #1

Clock. As a child, I marveled at the sound of the Westminster Chimes from my grandmother’s mantle clock, which sat over the fireplace in my dad’s boyhood home. Knowing my fascination, she gave it to me before she died. Although still ticking, the chimes had fallen silent for quite some time. One day my girlfriend… Continue Reading

Rejected by the Washington Post #2

Who Took My Sunglasses? I have a favorite pair of sunglasses. They didn’t cost much, but fit just right and gave me that incognito look. One day, after coming inside for a minute and heading back out, I went to grab those glasses. I was sure I had just been wearing them, so I knew… Continue Reading

Rejected by 2 Magazines

Hey Moe! We’d been buddies for almost 40 years, and somewhere along the line, for reasons neither of us could remember, we began calling each other “Moe.” It wasn’t a Three Stooges thing (although we were both fans); it just stuck and became our nicknames.  Way before Caller ID technology, if I answered the phone when he… Continue Reading